Relationship Problems

Counselling, marriage guidance, couples counselling, break upAre you having relationship problems?

Do you want help to resolve a relationship issue?

Are you looking for a counsellor or therapist to get your relationship back on track?


All relationships, be it a marriage, a working relationship, a friendship or with family they all go through rough patches and when they do sometimes it can seem as if there is no returning from the problem situation. It is during these times that couples or individuals look for help mainly in the form of couples counselling. Well maybe I can help, I’m not a counsellor, I’m a Cognitive Hypnotherapist based in Warwick and I help couples in a very different way. I help couples or individuals to have a better understanding of themselves and that of their partner which not only helps them to resolve their relationship problems but enhance all their relationships.

What I can’t do is wave a magic wand and make someone behave differently nor can I hypnotise someone to make them fall in love. However I can explore why you or your partner behave the way they do or why you feel the way you do. Relationships are complicated things we bring to them a whole host of issues such as our personality, our style of communicating, our own language, our beliefs and values of what a relationship should be and any hang ups regarding relationships or sexual encounters from our past. It might be one or more of these factors that might be influencing your relationship problems at the moment and my alternative approach to counselling might help you. 

So what is my approach and how can I help you?

relationship problems, marriage guidance, break upWell every client or couple are different so I very much tailor my approach to them, I may use some or all of the following approaches:

Personality Test

  • Discover your personality type and that of your partner.
  • Learn how your personality type relates well with some people and not others.
  • Learn how to use this knowledge to understand your relationship and how to improve it.

Communication Style

  • Learn your communicating style and that of your partner.
  • Discover how to communicate in different ways to achieve a better outcome.
  • Understand what your partner is really saying and how to understand them better.

Love Language

  • Discover what your love language is and that of your partner.
  • Learn how to speak each other’s love language to improve your relationship.

Beliefs & Values

  • Determine what your beliefs and values are in regards to your relationship.
  • Understand how beliefs and values can influence your relationship.
  • Help you to change any negative beliefs and values that are impacting on the relationship.

Change Work

Some relationship problems are influenced by things that have happened in the past such as a failed marriage, an affair, a lack of trust, an abusive relationship, a sense of being unloved or not being good enough. I use my skills as a Master NLP Practitioner and Cognitive Hypnotherapist to help the individual to resolve these issues, freeing them from their past and helping them to be the person that they want to be in their relationship.

How I Work

Relationship problems, couples counselling, marriage guidance, break upI work as a facilitator and teacher, helping you to understand who you and your partner are and how you can communicate better.

Most couples come and see me when their relationship is atbreaking point so my work as a facilitator is to help them decide if they want to stay together or not. I have found that my approach helps those couples who choose to separate to do so in an amicable way.

I have a flexible approach and see couples together or individually depending on what issues are being explored.

If you are experiencing relationship problems and would like to explore how my approach can help you then please either use the contact form here or give me a call to find out more.

To book your appointment or ask a question, please call me on 07879036424


“Along with my wife I sought Michala’s help when our marriage hit a rocky period. Michala’s help assisted me in understanding the differences between my wife and I, reminding me of how we should be and would be complementing each other in our approaches to everyday situations. Since going to see Michala with my wife, I have also been back on my own, looking to adapt and reinforce some of the things we had originally discussed. Having previously been confident and knowing what I was looking for in most situations Michala’s help has been invaluable and subsequently has helped my wife and I to move on and to address some of the things where we had perhaps drifted previously.” – MB, Coventry


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