DepressionHave you been diagnosed with depression or do you think you might be?

Depression like many other issues has a spectrum, you can have low levels or be suffering with highs levels, also known as clinical depression or you could be somewhere in between. Here are some of the signs of depression taken from the NHS site, for the full list please click here.

Symptoms of Depression

  • Continous low mood or sadness
  • feeling helpless or helpless
  • tearful
  • having no motivation or interest in things
  • disturbed sleep
  • changes in appetite
  • lack of energy
  • finding it difficult to make decisions
  • suicidal thoughts or self harming

If you are experiencing some or all of these symptoms and you think you might have depression please visit your doctor so you can be diagnosed before seeing me, that way we will know what we are dealing with before we start our work together. It is possible for me to work with you using Cognitive Hypnotherapy even if you are on medication, this is something I would encourage you to talk to your doctor about too.

The good news is there is strong evidence to prove that Cognitive Hypnotherapy is very good at dealing with depression. In fact the Quest Institute have had a paper published proving it’s success. Over the years I have worked with many clients to help them be free of their depression. How I do this will be unique to the individual but generally we look at what is the underlying cause to the depression and resolve that, alongside teaching you techniques to help you mange it better on your journey.

It can be very hard to explain what you are experiencing to family members or friends. A book my clients have found useful in understanding how they are feeling and to help communicate how their depression effects them is ‘I Had a Black Dog’ by Matthew Johnstone. 

If you would like to have a chat about how I can help you or you would like to book an appointment then please give me a call on M: 07879036424 or contact me via here.

Michala x


“Having been going though a bout of depression and struggling to make life a happy place for myself and my partner Michala has helped me put my life back on to the right track again through her excellent skills and now I’m looking forward to a new life with a very bright out look with my partner, thank you so very much.”- Phill Hunt , Coventry

Michala Lota, Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching in Leamington Spa