Confidence and Self Esteem

We all have times in our lives when we lack confidence or have low self-esteem and it can effect different aspects of our lives, for example we can be very confident in our job but lack the confidence to meet new friends. Some people find having low self-esteem or a lack of confidence has a huge effect upon their life, making them feel as if they have no control over their life and can create a sense of worthlessness. Some of my clients know where their lack of confidence or low self esteem comes from such as being bullied at school, other clients don’t know why, it doesn’t matter because I can help you either way. Sadly confidence issues are on the rise, particularly in young adults and from my experience this seems to stem from the use of social media and the portrayal of unrealistic lifestyles. I think to some degree we have all been caught in this trap at some point, of we should have this or look like that. The good news we can change this, we can increase our confidence and self esteem.

Just think for a moment what you would be doing, who you would be if you had a little more confidence and self esteem.

Would having more confidence and self-esteem help you:-Confidence and Self Esteem, Hypnotherapy, hypnotherapist, hypnosis, hypnotist

Apply for that promotion?

Make a presentation?

Meet new people?

Have a sense of self worth?


Confidence and Self Esteem, Hypnotherapy, hypnotherapist, hypnosis, hypnotistWhat ever your reason for needing more confidence or increasing your self-esteem, I’m here to help you make the changes that you want, at pace that is right for you. We can explore and resolve the underlying reasons for your lack of confidence or low self-esteem and I can also show you practical techniques that can help you on a daily basis. All you need now is a little bit of confidence to take that next small step and give me a call to find out how I can help you, so call now on 07879036424


“I came to see Michala as I had lost a lot of confidence and had a low self esteem because of passed experiences in my life. Before seeing Michala I thought life had given me a very rough ride which meant I wasn’t coping with every day life particularly well. Having cognitive hypnotherapy has made me understand how to deal with things in a more confident manner and it has helped my self esteem. Because of this I now feel that my past experiences have made me a better person and I really like the person I am now. Thank you Michala for all your help and the box of tissues. :-)” – BB from Warwick

A number of my clients have found this book helpful, I hope it helps you too.


Please consult your doctor if you have a medical condition which may be adversely affected by Cognitive Hypnotherapy.   

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