Relationship Coaching

Are you experiencing relationship problems? Are you looking for an alternative to Marriage Counselling?

As a Relationship Coach I work in a different way to conventional marriage counselling. My approach is very solution focused, working together we will identify the problems areas and then create a solution to resolve them. My role is very much a facilitator or guide, I do not judge or take sides.

Most relationship problems fall into the following categories:-

  • Personality differences
  • Communication problems
  • Differences in Love Languages
  • Conflicting values
  • Individual issues

Session Format

I usually see a couple jointly for the first couple of sessions, this enables us to establish the problem, identify areas to improve and agree a solution. Depending on the presenting issue we will either contiune with joint work or I will work with each individual, if appropriate.

My approach is very fluid and I will adapt and tailor it to meet your needs.

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