Michala Lota

Online Coach

Michala Lota, Online Coach

If you would like to have a FREE 30 minute telephone conversation with me about how we might be able to work together or if you’ve already decided I’m the right online coach for you and would like to book an appointment then please call me on

M: 07879036424

or email me at

E: michala@michalalota.co.uk

or alternatively you can use the contact form below, either way I will be happy to hear from you!

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I work exclusively online and with technology today means that if you don’t live near me then we can still work together.


We all like to read a review or two before we buy something and I don’t think therapy or coaching is any different. So why don’t you click on the button below to read some of the testimonials I’ve received from my clients.

‘Despite having to speak publically on a fairly regular basis, it is a part of my job that I don’t always relish or enjoy. Michala gave me the tools to overcome my anxiety about addressing a large group of people and to do it in a confident and relaxed manner; the beauty is that the techniques learned can be used in a number of scenarios. My approach to giving speeches or addressing people at any level has certainly changed for the better, and I enjoy the process much more.’  – HS, Managing Director, Oxford

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