Michala Lota

Relationship Coach

Peace, love and happiness

All journeys start with one single step, are you ready to take your first step?

Are you searching for love, peace or happiness?

Ultimately I think most people are once they look deeper into why they want something.

The people I work with are searching for something in some form, be it love in a relationship, inner peace and acceptance in who they are or a little more happiness and a lot less stress in each day. I remember my personal journey and it can be a little confusing on where to start and how to go about it. You know you want to change something, you can feel it, sense it or maybe it’s evident in how your life is playing out. But where do you start and how do you go about sorting it? It can be a little confusing can’t it? I’ve devised a number of programmes to help you reach your goal, you can find out more here or follow the links below.

I specialism relationship coaching, you can find out more about them by following the link below. Whatever the reason why you want to work with me, we can do that together online.


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Are you experiencing relationship problems? Would you like to discover how you can improve your relationship and resolve issues?

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