Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching

A brief and Evidence Based Therapy to help you achieve your goal quicker than you think possible!

Welcome to my website, where you will discover how I can help you with Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching to overcome your problems. I help people to free themselves from being stuck, lost or held back by something in their lives and specialise in depression, anxiety, self esteem and relationship problems. I use Cognitive Hypnotherapy which is different to traditional hypnotherapy, it is highly effective at changing the way you behave, feel or think about your problem.


P.S. This website is currently undergoing a major update, some links might not work. I apologise for the inconvenience this may cause. Please call me on 07879036424 if you have any questions, would like to find out more or book an appointment. Many thanks Michala
Depression Treatment


Are you suffering from depression and looking for an alternative solution or complementary treatment for depression to medication?

Anxiety Treatment


Is your nervousness or anxiety getting the better of you? Are you looking for an anxiety treatment so you can be more in control and calmer?

Self esteem help

Self Esteem

Do you have low self esteem or lack confidence? Would you like to increase your self esteem or confidence so that it no longer holds you back?
Relationship help


Are you experiencing relationship problems? Would you like to discover how you can improve your relationship and resolve issues?

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